Shuffle for iOS goes live!

Calgary, Canada – May 5, 2015
Press Release

Shuffle – A Number For Every Occasion™, is live on the US and Canadian App StoPrivacyLayerTBGre!

Shuffle enables you to create multiple phone numbers and email aliases on your mobile device so you don’t need to share your private contact details with strangers. Each Shuffle number comes with high-quality LTE and Wi-Fi voice calling, text/picture messaging and a unique voice mailbox.

Use Shuffle contact points for Business or Private Lines, Online Dating, Classified Ads and so much more.


Instead of posting your private cell number to the web, or sharing it with others you’ve only just met, for example, Shuffle lets you set up virtual phone numbers that work with your mobile device so you can still call and message without giving up your privacy.

With a simple tap you can now “shuffle” between your numbers and keep communication separated for your personal, business & social needs.

Shuffle also offers email aliases so you have the ability to create a more complete separate identity with its own number, voice mailbox, and email alias.


Use Shuffle like a regular phone to connect with other mobile users and fixed lines, or with other Shuffle users. Calls, messages and voicemails are grouped by Shuffle number to keep your communications separated and organized. You can even pick a unique color and icon to represent each Shuffle contact point to better differentiate between them.

Shuffle Numbers

Create multiple Shuffle numbers to manage various social or business needs and situations without having to expose your real number. Once you’re done using a Shuffle number, simply delete it and you can’t be reached on it again.

Your Shuffle number is reserved for a month and will either auto-renew or expire depending on you preference settings. Each Shuffle number comes with its own voice mailbox and personalized voicemail message using voice recording or text to speech functionality.

Voice Calls

You can receive and manage voice calls within the app. Calls are charged directly from your Shuffle account balance and not your network provider minutes.

Don’t want to receive calls on a Shuffle number? Simply tap “Forward2Voicemail” to direct your calls to your voicemail, silently.

SMS & Picture Messages

It’s easy to search your message history to pick up a previous conversation, or find old messages. Messages are charged against your Shuffle account balance, not your network provider text bundle, but all your Shuffle-to-Shuffle texts are always free.

Shuffle Email Aliases

A Shuffle Email Alias forwards messages to your regular email address so you don’t need to expose your actual email to possible email scraping when posting online, e.g.:, forwards messages to your regular inbox.


Shuffle’s pricing model is completely transparent and very affordable. We don’t believe in the “credit” model that disguises actual cost to users. Every Shuffle number, call, text message and email forward has a service cost to us. We simply pass along the cost with our markup added to it.