Twilio: Keep ‘Em Separated: Shuffle Keeps Your Phone Number Safe and Online Profiles Intact


Kyle Kelly-Yahner on June 12, 2015

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hulkamaniaI troll Craigslist all the time. I search for good deals on vintage drums. I search for affordable housing in San Francisco (RIMSHOT!) and sometimes I check if there are any Hulkamania fanny packs I can add to my collection. While I’m willing to admit I have really weird interests, I am not willing to give my real phone number out on Craigslist.

This underscores something that every internet user already knows: you have different identities on different platforms. You won’t give your phone number out on Craigslist because your collector-of-drum-gear identity is not supposed to merge with your this-is-me-everyday identity. Keep ‘em separated and organized. Shuffle helps you do just that with the help of Twilio’s API.

Shuffle lets you manage your internet identities by letting you have phone, SMS and email aliases for everything you do, whether that’s hunting down 1950’s era Slingerland drum kits, or hunting for housing.


When you’re searching for Hulkamania fanny packs, as you do, you can use a masked phone number and email through Shuffle. When the purveyor of vintage wrestling memorabilia you’ve emailed calls your Twilio-powered Shuffle number, it’ll forward to your phone, keeping your personal information safe.

Shuffle CEO Craig Collett knows that managing multiple identities on the internet is tricky, so Shuffle lets you color code your different profiles. The Shuffle profile you use for Hulkamania searches would obviously be bright red and yellow.

Craig’s specialty is protecting user’s identities. Using Twilio, he was able to focus on crafting Shuffle and not hassling with complex telephony solutions. Craig was up and running with Twilio Voice and SMS integrated into Shuffle in no time. “We found the integration process with Twilio seamless, quick and logical.”

Now, as his user base grows, he’s certain he’s chosen the right platform to let users communicate safely. “Twilio offers us everything we need to grow Shuffle into a global communication tool offering users flexible smart communication solutions to protect their personal privacy,” says Craig.