10 Great Reasons to Get a 2nd Number on Your Smartphone



More than two-thirds of North Americans have a smartphone. And we are increasingly doing everything on that phone, from work calls to personal calls to sending text messages to accessing email to surfing the web to mobile commerce, and so on. And while most of us use separate emails to manage different aspects of our lives, we only have one phone number.

But what if you don’t want every person from every aspect of your life to have your private mobile number? Did you know your personal privacy is at risk every time you share your personal contact details online or with people you don’t intend on having a connection with over the long term?

So what’s the answer? Simply download an app like Shuffle, and setup a 2nd or 3rd number on your smartphone for everyday use.

With it, you can instantly create multiple phone numbers on your smartphone to connect with the world, all while keeping your personal contact details safe. On a single device you can now have a separate number for personal contacts, business contacts, classified ads, online dating, home businesses, a private line and so much more.

10 Great Reasons to Get a Second Number

1. Social Media. Don’t post your private mobile number online anywhere, especially on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn that just about anyone can access.

2. Online Shopping. If you shop online a lot, then you know you have to provide a phone number for online orders.  Yup, and you wonder how that vacation company got your personal mobile number?

3. Networking. Use an alternate number for networking. That way the same number on your LinkedIn profile is same number you give out to people you just met at work events or networking socials.

4. Dating. If you’re on the dating scene, then you know how important it is to keep your personal number personal. Simply create a new number on your smartphone and give that out next someone asks for your number!  

5. Job Search. Want to be sure you don’t miss that call from a recruiter?  Create an exclusive number for your job search and just use it for that next career move.

6. Freelancing Business. Working with a new company or team for a short stint?  Want to keep your work calls and messages organized in one thread? Set up your number for your next freelance gig.


7. Car Services and Taxis. Do you use Uber, car services and taxis a lot? Don’t share your private mobile number every day with random people you won’t ever see again. Set up a number for services and start using it today.

8. Professional Services. Are you a realtor or MLM marketer who has to list their phone number everywhere online and off? Don’t use your personal mobile number for the whole world to see – you’ll never get it back again!

9. Ordering Out. If you order out a lot, you’ll need to provide a phone number for takeout.  Don’t give them your private mobile. Give them your alternative number and keep your personal contact info out of the hands of strangers.

PrivacyLayerTBG10. Classified Ads. Selling your car on Cars.com or your couch on Craigslist? Create a separate number for prospective buyers. That way you know what they’re calling about and, better yet, random people trolling the Internet don’t have your personal contact information.

Try it for yourself. Download Shuffle at the iTunes app store, and let us know how you use it!

5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Privacy [INFOGRAPHIC]


5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Privacy
by Gavin Macomber
May 11, 2016

We live in a world today where identity fraud is rampant, data breaches are the norm and your privacy can be compromised in so many ways, including one that’s perhaps less obvious to most people – your mobile phone.

With over 200 million smartphone users in North America alone, mobile privacy issues are making the news headlines more and more frequently these days as there is so much of your identity linked to your personal mobile number – not just your social security number.

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While many people claim to be mobile privacy savvy, according to a recent study from cybersecurity firm Lookout, nearly 60% of smartphone users are not. Clearly, there is a disconnect between people’s awareness of what it means to be privacy conscious and the actions they take in the real world.

The good news is there are a number of precautions you can begin taking right away to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands:

  1. Don’t give “carte blanche” access. Start password-protecting your mobile device, stop giving “carte blanche” access to all mobile apps and use plenty of discretion when downloading new apps. Unwittingly revealing your personal contact information is one of the most risky mobile privacy behaviors. Time to stop it.
  1. Use “location sharing” sparingly. If you don’t want to broadcast your location to the whole world (and hackers), turn Location Services off. In fact, you can tailor this functionality to specific apps on both Android and iOS. Besides, you’re just advertising to international thieves that you are not at home.
  1. Turn on your “Find your Phone” feature. Both iOS and Android have “find my phone” features that enable you to not only locate your smartphone in the event you misplace it, but also to remotely lock your phone or even erase all your data (and personal information) if it’s been stolen.
  1. Get a 2nd number for your smartphone. Safeguard your personal mobile number itself from falling into the wrong hands and being used for identity theft and other crimes. Simply download an app like Shuffle to setup a 2nd number on your smartphone.
  1. Start keeping your personal number private. Once you have alternative numbers setup on your smartphone for personal or business use, stop giving out your personal mobile number to random businesses, online shopping sites or people you just met. Don’t post your private mobile number online anywhere, especially on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn that just about anyone can access.

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Gavin Macomber, Mobile Expert & Advisor to Shuffle Ventures, has more than 20 years of product marketing, management and strategy experience building innovative, consumer-focused, mobile products and services for early-stage and mid-size companies. He currently works as an advisor and consultant. Previously, Gavin was VP, Mobile Strategy and Next Generation Products at Vonage, where he was responsible for the launch of Vonage Mobile, the company’s flagship mobile product which achieved in excess of 3 million downloads in its first year.


Shuffle Celebrates First Year with Users in 35 Countries and 70 Percent Month-over-Month Organic Growth


Mobile Privacy Beginning to Resonate with Over 450 Million Smartphone Users in North America and Western Europe

CALGARY, Alberta – May 2, 2016Shuffle Ventures, the developer of smart mobile communications apps that enable individuals to connect with the world while protecting their personal privacy, is marking its one-year anniversary with 70% percent month-over-month organic growth across 35 countries. Launched in the U.S. and Canadian App Stores in May 2015, Shuffle adds a much-needed layer of privacy to smartphones, enabling mobile users to create multiple phone numbers and email aliases to eliminate the need to share private contact details online.

“When we launched Shuffle a year ago, we knew privacy would be an important differentiator, but now it’s more relevant than ever, with hundreds of millions of mobile users now reliant on what has become their only phone number,” said Craig Collet, Founder and CEO of Shuffle Ventures. “Our overt approach and deep focus on mobile privacy have contributed to the exciting recent growth we’ve seen, and we’re just getting started. Soon we’ll be unveiling a proprietary feature set that empowers users to manage both incoming and outgoing calls with increased control and privacy, an industry-first.”

Consumers and business users alike are increasingly embracing ‘smart’ mobile communication solutions to enhance productivity and inject some much needed organization and privacy into their super-connected lives. Instead of posting their private mobile numbers to the web or sharing them publicly with everyone, Shuffle users can instantly set up virtual phone numbers that work with any iOS mobile device for private and secure calls and messaging. Shuffle provides “A Number For Every Occasion™”, and in the not-so-distant future, it’s anticipated that many smartphone users will have at least one alternative mobile number with which to connect.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 23.25.32

With Shuffle, a single device can now have a separate number for personal contacts, business contacts, classified ads, online dating, a home business, a private line and so much more. Shuffle is the ‘smart’, easy and affordable way to inject much needed organization, simplicity and privacy into day-to-day communications.

Shuffle provides local phone numbers, high-quality LTE and Wi-Fi calling, voicemail, SMS, picture messaging and email all in one service, making it a complete communications solution. With plans starting at just $1.99/month, the company provides flexible, affordable, transparent pricing that gives users 100% visibility into where their money is going. And customers can save even more money, since all texts and picture messaging with other Shuffle users are free.

To get started, download Shuffle for iOS from the App Store or visit http://www.getshuffle.com/

MeetShuffle SS

About Shuffle Ventures

Shuffle Ventures develops smart mobile communications apps that push the boundaries of mobile communication so individuals can connect with the world while protecting their personal privacy. The company’s first app, Shuffle, launched in the U.S. and Canadian App Store in mid-2015 and now has users in over 35 countries. Adding a much-needed layer of privacy on your smartphone, Shuffle enables you to create multiple phone numbers and email aliases so you don’t need to share your private contact details online or with people you just met.

The Shuffle app for iOS is available for download from the App Store, with an Android version coming soon. Shuffle is available for download all over the world, with options currently available for U.S. and Canadian phone numbers. For more information, visit: http://www.getshuffle.com/ or go to: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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